With 32 years of experience, I have the knowledge, skills and resources to do premium level work on your piano, player piano or orchestrion. It requires intimate knowledge of how pneumatic players work to be able to do them, so that they are reliable and will last decades without repeat major work. It also requires good resources of materials to provide the long term reliability. A piano or player piano rebuild should last 40 years with only periodic tuning and regulation to the instrument. You can't buy your materials at the local hardware store. We know the sources of proper leather, felt, bellows covering materials, wood and metal parts to obtain the long term reliability. I generally will need to come out for an evaluation of your instrument to determine how much work it will need, be it minor or major. Please call number below.

• Any questions, call: 618-917-9006 • Located in the St. Louis Metro Area

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One of My Restorations

Byron Mauzy Player Piano, 1911....

New hammers, strings, dampers, action centers, key tops. All new pneumatic and bellows coverings, new valve facings throughout, case refinished and piano tuned. Piano and player action regulated.

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